There are numerous reasons why you and your family should become members. The cost is only $10 for 2 fiscal years and the ICCA hold numerous free events for its members with complimentary dinners, lunches, entertainment, sports and kids activities. 

For example attending just one event like the Annual ICCA Picnic will offer your kids a chance to meet other kids and play games with each other or just bounce around on the bouncy castles and have fun. The adults have a chance to play volleyball, soccer and more games with other people and enjoy a lovely hot lunch with delicious deserts and cap it all off with some tea or ice-cream afterwards. 

This is just one of many complimentary events to appreciate your support of the ICCA. 

Exclusive private membership area will have lots of products at discounted prices very soon. Say tuned to when this service will start!

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or Fill out the form below and join now ! You must pay the $10 membership to an ICCA official